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Neighboring state adopts new child custody approach

When parents decide to end their marriage, there are often multiple, difficult decisions that must be made. Perhaps one of the most important ones involves child custody. While courts in New Hampshire are dedicated to making decisions that are in the best interests of the children involved, their goal is often to shield children from the proceedings as much as possible.

Child custody case questions Alex Jones's on-air persona

When two people in New Hampshire decide to seek a divorce, some are unable to come together to make decisions regarding their split. This often encompasses decisions regarding child custody, prompting them to seek an intervention by the court. Such is the case for radio personality, Alex Jones.

Child custody case mistakenly moved from children's home state

When parents are unable to provide care, many children in New Hampshire are fortunate to have several family members willing to step in. Unfortunately, such a situation can become complicated when the child custody situation involves people in several different states. A recent ruling by one state's Supreme Court illustrates some of these complications.

Child custody case involves adoption without father's permission

The greatest joy for many people in New Hampshire and across the country is their children. While the first few months after the birth of a child may be difficult due to lack of sleep, parents are able to bond with their newborn. Unfortunately, one man in another state claims he was denied his opportunity to bond with his twins after the children's mother claimed he was not the father. He is now seeking child custody.

Paula Patton's child custody request denied

It is often difficult for married couples in New Hampshire to make parenting decisions together. Once they are divorced, there is often an added level of difficulty to coparenting. Unfortunately for celebrity couples, their complications are often amplified by the media. Such is the case involving a recent child custody battle between Robin Thicke and his ex-wife Paula Patton.

The role of medical marijuana in child custody cases

The question of marijuana use has been debated across the country. While many states -- including New Hampshire -- have made it legal for people to use the drug medicinally in certain situation, other states have made it legal to use for recreational purposes. Despite being able to legally use the drugs in some circumstances, some parents in New Hampshire and across the country are facing child custody issues even when they only use the drug under the guidance of a medical care professional.

What are your rights as a father?

As a parent, you have the right to play an active role in the life of your child. As a father who is getting divorced or an unmarried father seeking to establish paternity in order to secure regular visitation, you may find it beneficial to seek a full understanding of your rights as a father.

Personal happiness reason to seek a divorce

Couples in New Hampshire likely have a variety of different reasons to stay in their marriages, even if they are unhappy. They may be worried about the social stigma and about the impact that a divorce might have on children. However, the end of a relationship, while emotionally challenging, is often the first step toward personal happiness.

Creating child custody plans in New Hampshire

The decision to divorce is often the product of a great deal of contemplation and discussion. Couples in New Hampshire with children must consider how their decision will ultimately impact the entire family. However, a divorce is often the best course of action for many families. In those circumstances, careful thought must be put into a child custody, or parenting, plan.

Immigration documents trump prenuptial agreements in divorce

Many couples planning to marry in New Hampshire take a realistic and careful examination of their lives before walking down the aisle. As part of that examination, they choose to create a prenuptial agreement that will help determine how assets will be divided should the marriage end in divorce. However, recent federal rulings seems to make it clear that agreements made in prenups cannot supersede the terms of certain federal documents regarding an immigration sponsor's fiscal responsibilities.