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If you are facing the possibility, or reality, of a life-changing family law event, you need advice from an experienced professional. We offer a free initial consultation to answer the many questions you are sure to have, such as:

From our professional office in Manchester, New Hampshire, the attorneys and staff of Clark Law PLLC have been helping people find answers to their family law questions for more than 33 years.

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Every family is unique, and each family law case calls for a unique solution. We are proud to offer flexible, customized legal services to accommodate our clients' needs — and their budgets. Our experienced and dedicated litigators are prepared to fight for your rights at each stage of the legal process. If you simply need advice with family law issues or help reviewing a document, we offer flexible solutions like mediation, collaborative law and unbundled legal services.

We understand you are facing some of the most difficult decisions of your life. We are here to offer advice, support, resources and tools so you can move forward once your legal matter is resolved.

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It is harder and more expensive to try to change an unfavorable order or agreement than to have help reaching a favorable agreement and to ensure that an agreement in line with current New Hampshire laws and NH Supreme Court decisions. You will likely only have one chance to determine matters of divorce, child support and parenting/custody. Don't risk your future and your relationship with your loved ones with a "one size fits all" divorce law firm. Contact Clark Law PLLC at 603-473-4338 to learn more about your options with a no-cost initial consultation.