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How long will my divorce take?

As we discussed in our last blog, sometimes people turn to different programs that help an individual go through the divorce process without representation because they want the process to be done quickly. A lot of clients will ask a lawyer, “How quickly can we get this done?”

The unfortunate answer is that it depends on the individual case. There are many things that can slow down a divorce and any one case can struggle with one of those issues or many of those issues. While there may be specific wait periods that are set by each state in order for the divorce to be finalized, there are a few specific things that happen that can hold up a divorce.

Most people can understand that uncooperative parties can definitely hold up the process. If one side of the divorce is not willing to provide specific paperwork, the other party’s attorney may have to file a motion with the court, which could add months onto the divorce.

Financial documents can also cause the divorce to drag on. Sometimes it can take a lot of time to find this documentation or to get it into the right hands. If the divorcing couple has a lot of assets, the process could take months if not years. If financial experts have to be brought into the case, that can also prolong the case.

Finally, the judicial system itself can hold up the process. There are many family courts that are swamped with cases, with many getting about 250 new cases a month. With just a few judges on hand, it can take a long time to get to any one individual case.

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