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Man seeks divorce due to child support requirements

There are many married couples in New Hampshire who decide that their relationships are no longer working. For some, it might be easy to put off actually filing for a divorce once the marriage has ended until it is absolutely necessary, such as in the case of a remarriage. One out-of-state man is likely regretting his decision not to legally end his marriage after the state came after him for child support for a child who is not his.

The man, now 45, claims that he and his estranged wife decided to go their separate ways after approximately two years of marriage. Although the couple split, they never sought a divorce. He claims that over the course of approximately 15 years, he has only talked to her a handful of times via phone and social media.

Unfortunately, the state of Iowa recently sent him a letter notifying him that the state was requiring him to pay child support for the now one-year-old child. He reportedly contacted state officials to notify them that he is not the child's father and offered to take a paternity test to prove it. However, state officials informed him that under state law, he is responsible for financially supporting the child because he is still legally married to the child's mother.

While it may be easy to put off legally filing for divorce for a variety of different reasons, delaying could ultimately cause additional complications in the long run. While laws vary from state to state, seeking legal closure to a relationship could ultimately be in the best interests of both people, allowing them to move on to the next chapter of their lives. For those who are ready for that step, an attorney familiar with New Hampshire laws can help a person better understand their options.

Source:, "Man contests support for child he says he didn't father", Charly Haley, March 25, 2016

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