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High asset divorce: Judge throws out case against billionaire

For many people in New Hampshire, the decision to divorce is a difficult one to make. Even when the decision to split is contentious, once the process is complete, both parties move on with their lives. However, one high asset divorce has resulted in a legal battle several years after the couple's relationship ended, with one party accusing the other of deliberately attempting to hide the value of real-estate.

The case involves a billionaire and his former wife. Although the couple divorced in 1990, the woman filed a case against her ex-husband in 2009 claiming that he deliberately lied about the value of an investment he made in the years before their divorce. As a result, she claims she is entitled to half of the value of the allegedly hidden asset in addition to interest.

However, a federal judge has recently thrown the case out. In the ruling, the judge found that the claim of fraud was not proved. Additionally, the judge determined that the original divorce agreement made it clear that the plaintiff in the case would not be made aware of the exact value of the man's estate -- an agreement that the woman signed. The judge also ruled that the statute of limitations has run out.

Cases involving a high asset divorce can often be complex. Having an experienced attorney can help a person in New Hampshire better understand the process of asset division and fully understand any legal agreement into which they may be asked to enter. By having experienced guidance, a person can potentially prevent confusion about an agreement from arising in the future.

Source: Vanity Fair, "Judge Dismisses Billionaire Steve Cohen's Divorce Spat over $5.5 Million", Emily Jane Fox, May 20, 2016

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