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Creating child custody plans in New Hampshire

The decision to divorce is often the product of a great deal of contemplation and discussion. Couples in New Hampshire with children must consider how their decision will ultimately impact the entire family. However, a divorce is often the best course of action for many families. In those circumstances, careful thought must be put into a child custody, or parenting, plan.

A top priority for most parents is their relationship with their children. As a result, the parenting plan is extremely important. These plans dealing with parenting rights and responsibilities cover a variety of different issues related to visitation and child custody. Topics covered include major and minor decision-making as well as communication between children and parents, schedules regarding summer vacations, among other issues.

Courts typically look more favorably upon plans that allow children to spend adequate time with both parents. Of course, once a plan is created, circumstances can change, resulting in a request for modification. Fortunately, there is professional help for parents who are creating or modifying a parenting plan.

Clark Law Offices are ready and have the experience necessary to help a parent in New Hampshire create or change his or her child custody arrangements. Because we know that your focus is on your relationship with your child, we will help you as you maneuver through the complicated court system. We can help you avoid decisions that could ultimately lead to lost time with your child and provide advice regarding how to proceed in a request for modification.

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