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Divorce: Lisa Marie Presley seeks to end marriage

Because of the glamour and history connected to certain celebrities, it is often easy to overlook the fact that they experience many of the same struggles as people in New Hampshire. In fact, the pressures placed on public figures by the media and busy schedules can actually create more complications in such a person's financial life, for example. Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of famous singer Elvis, has recently filed for divorce, seeking to end her fourth marriage.

Presley and her husband Michael Lockwood have been married for 10 years and have twin 7-year-olds together. While she originally filed for divorce, she has recently amended the request, seeking a legal separation. While there was no prenuptial agreement in place at the time of their marriage, some sources claim that they did sign a postnuptial agreement; the details of that agreement are unclear.

A representative for Presley claims that the filing came as a result of two reasons. First, she claims that Lockwood does not fulfil his responsibilities as a father to their children, prompting her to request full custody. Additionally, Presley claims that Lockwood, who managed her money, took advantage of her financially. Some reports indicate that Lockwood moved out a month prior to the filings, and because his current residence is unknown, he has yet to be served with papers.

Regardless of the level of celebrity a person experiences, marriage can be difficult. Circumstances can cause people to change over the years, making a couple no longer compatible. For those in New Hampshire who have decided to divorce, an experienced attorney can ease them throughout the process and the decisions that must be made.

Source: People, "Lisa Marie Presley Filed for Divorce After Husband 'Took Advantage' of Her Money, Lawyer Claims", Janine Rubenstein, June 29, 2016

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