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Personal happiness reason to seek a divorce

Couples in New Hampshire likely have a variety of different reasons to stay in their marriages, even if they are unhappy. They may be worried about the social stigma and about the impact that a divorce might have on children. However, the end of a relationship, while emotionally challenging, is often the first step toward personal happiness.

Many considering a divorce have likely done everything they possibly could to save their marriages. However, life events and the passage of time inevitably change how people act and feel, making the decision to go separate ways the best. Most who have sought such action have discovered that it is actually a beginning rather than an end -- the start of a happier and more fulfilled life.

Many parents worry about the impact that their decision will have on their children, but being happier often allows a person to parent more effectively. Seeking decisive action sends the message that it is not necessary to remain in an unhappy relationship. It also teaches children that it is okay that a life choice did not turn out as planned, but it is important to continue forward.

There are people in New Hampshire who are likely agonizing over the future of their marriages. Many of these people will ultimately determine that the best course of action for all involved parties is to seek a divorce. For those who are considering or have reached that decision, an experienced family law attorney can help them understand the options available and begin proceedings when appropriate.

Source:, "Reasons NOT To Stay In A Bad Marriage", Carey Fan, July 12, 2016

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