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Collaborative law and mediation can lead to calmer divorce

There is a common misconception that all divorces are bitter and contentious. While it is true that some couples may have a long battle, many in Manchester seek a more peaceful resolution. For those interested in their options with regards to alternative dispute resolution, as opposed to traditional litigation, the attorneys at Clark Law Offices are trained in collaborative law and mediation.

Mediation can be used for several different reasons in family law, including parenting issues, legal separations, the modification of exiting agreements and divorces. We can serve those seeking a divorce in two different manners. First, we can serve as the mediator. Our mediators have gone through specific training to help guide a couple to a more peaceful end to their marriage. As part of this process, we meet with both spouses in addition to offering referrals for review of legal documents.

We also serve as attorneys for those going through mediation. Even couples who are committed to ending their marriage with as little conflict as possible choose to take steps to ensure that their interests are protected. Once an agreement is signed, it is often difficult to make changes; therefore, having an experienced legal professional on your side could potentially avoid the need to seek a modification in the future.

For many in Manchester, the decision to seek a divorce may be a difficult one to make. However, our experience can help you if you and your spouse are seeking to dissolve your marriage as amicably and efficiently as possible. A divorce using alternative dispute resolution methods, such as collaborative law or mediation, may be the best option for your situation.

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