High Asset Divorce: Billionaire couple head to contentious split

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2016 | High-Asset Divorce |

When a couple in New Hampshire chooses to marry, they are likely thinking of their current happiness. However, planning for the future and considering all possibilities can prove beneficial. For example, creating a prenuptial agreement can help both people better understand their financial situation as well as make plans in case the marriage ends in divorce. Some sources claim that one high asset divorce taking place in another state will likely become contentious as both sides argue over an estate worth billions; the couple reportedly has no prenuptial agreement in place.

The divorce involves the estate of a couple who have been married for 57 years. Some claim that problems with the marriage began in 2008 when the husband, a real estate developer, began experiencing significant financial complications. The man is allegedly leaving his wife now to be with his girlfriend.

Since his financial problems in 2008, the man has seen business success. Additionally, the wife reportedly oversees an art collection worth $1 billion. The couple filed for divorce in June.

As many people in New Hampshire are aware, the decision to divorce is typically not an easy one for most couples. However, a prenuptial agreement can significantly ease the process. While they are especially helpful in the case of a high asset divorce, many people use them to both plan for the future and provide protections for both spouses. While planning for a wedding, the thought of the relationship ending is often the last thing on a couple’s mind; the reality is that people change over the years, perhaps making a once happy couple incompatible.

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