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Study claims divorce peak follows family vacation

Many families spend a great deal of time and energy planning a family vacation. Couples in New Hampshire who are struggling often view a vacation as a chance to iron out problems and potentially put their relationship on a more successful track. A recent study, however, appears to reveal that divorce filings increase following family vacations and holidays.

The study was conducted by a sociology professor and doctoral candidate at a university in another state. As part of the study, researchers reviewed 14 years of data related to divorces from 37 counties. The study found that divorce rates peak at two times of the year -- in March after winter holidays are over and in August.

Researchers argue that many couples may hope that a family vacation will mend a damaged relationship but instead find that the added stress of traveling and spending more time together actually prompts couples to seek an end to their marriage. They call the feeling of unhappiness and disillusionment following a vacation the "broken promise theory." This trend is especially true for parents with dependent children but also applied to other couples.

While a family holiday or vacation may make the cracks in a relationship more visible, there are many couples in New Hampshire who decide that a divorce is the best option for their family. In many cases, two people are able to live a happier, more fulfilling life on separate paths. An attorney with experience with family law can help these people understand their options and take the first step toward a new chapter in their lives.

Source:, "Summer Vacations Can Lead to Divorce", Ben Steverman, Aug. 22, 2016

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