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Appellate ruling settles high asset divorce fight

When a person in New Hampshire makes the decision to end a marriage, there are multiple other decisions that must follow. This may especially be true in the case of a high asset divorce. Many couples are able to put aside their differences and, with the help of their attorneys, come to a divorce agreement with relative ease. Other cases can last for years. An appellate court in another state has recently ruled on a request that the original settlement be thrown out; the dispute has lasted over a decade.

The case involves a successful businessman and his wife who had been married for 25 year when they decided to divorce. At the time, she agreed to a settlement that gave her a cottage by a lake and $19.4 million. However, years later she filed a lawsuit claiming her ex-husband defrauded her out of $80 million by underestimating the value of his estate.

A court originally ruled against her request, arguing that she ignored her attorneys' advice to ensure the estimate her ex-husband provided was accurate. The court further noted that she failed to hire experts to research the value of the estate and that she only initiated court proceedings after her ex-husband remarried, several years after she suspected the alleged fraud. An appellate court has recently upheld the lower court's decision in the case. In addition to the denial of her request, she was also ordered to pay her ex-husband's legal fees, totaling approximately $842,000.

Settling a high asset divorce in New Hampshire and other states can be complicated. Fortunately, professionals with experience with such cases can provide valuable advice, potentially preventing a person from entering into an agreement that may be difficult, if not impossible, to change later one. While divorce can be a difficult process, having the right professional providing guidance throughout can give a person confidence in the decisions that he or she makes.

Source:, "Court rules in Waterfield divorce fight", Niki Kelly and Sherry Slater, Sept 22, 2016

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