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Learning to co-parent following New Hampshire divorce

Couples in New Hampshire often agonize over the future of their relationship. Many married couples with children ultimately make the decision to remain together under the assumption that a divorce would have negative consequences on their children, despite the fact that they are miserable together. However, couples who are willing to come together and co-parent, committed to making decisions that are in the best interest of their children, are often able to make the transition following the end of a marriage a smooth process for children.

While it may be difficult in some situations, even those with contentious divorces are often able to put their differences aside for their children. For some, establishing consistency between parents can help children understand their expectations. For example, when both parents provide similar expectations regarding play times, curfews and bedtimes, it can help children maintain consistent routines and schedules.

The way a child handles the transition into a two-household family depends greatly on how parents treat one another. Making negative remarks about the other parent could create conflict. Additionally, asking the child questions about the other parent's life puts the child in a difficult position. Seeking information about the other person's dating life, for example, can place the child in a position requiring that he or she betray the trust of the parent.

Co-parenting following a divorce may be difficult. However, for parents who are committed to protecting the best interests in their child, having two parents who live separately without obvious conflict may be better for their overall well-being when compared to children living in a house that is filled with animosity. For those in New Hampshire considering whether ending their marriage may be their best option, an attorney who understands family law can help them understand their options and protect their interests.

Source:, "5 Pieces Of Parenting Advice To Help Children Adjust Post-Divorce", Joshua Stern, Sept. 14, 2016

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