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Couple throws party to celebrate divorce

Movies would have people believe that divorces are filled with contention. According to dramatic portrayals, all those seeking to end their marriage are bitter and batter over every single decision. However, an out-of-state couple recently showed couples in New Hampshire and across the country that a divorce can be amicable.

The couple, who have two daughters together, recently threw a party celebrating the end of their 20-year marriage. The woman even claims that she and her former husband exchanged gifts as part of the celebration. They claim that they threw many parties as a couple and want to show that the end of their marriage is not awkward and that they intend to remain friends.

One of the couple's daughters claims that she is not sad about their split, further stating that their decision to throw a party is simply part of who they are. While they are ending their marriage amicably, they claim that there is no chance of reconciliation. Both have moved out of their family home into houses on their own. They intend to sell the house in 2018.

An amicable divorce is also a possibility for couples in New Hampshire who are seeking in a fresh start. Those who can put aside many of the feelings associated with the end of a marriage are often able to make logical decisions regarding the division of assets as well as other important decisions that are part of the process. Even with an amicable split, an experienced family law attorney can help ensure that all aspects are properly considered.

Source:, "Berkeley area couple ends marriage after more than 20 years, throws divorce party", Alyssa Pereira, Dec. 22, 2016

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