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Child custody case involves adoption without father's permission

The greatest joy for many people in New Hampshire and across the country is their children. While the first few months after the birth of a child may be difficult due to lack of sleep, parents are able to bond with their newborn. Unfortunately, one man in another state claims he was denied his opportunity to bond with his twins after the children's mother claimed he was not the father. He is now seeking child custody.

The man and woman in the case had a relatively brief relationship. When she became pregnant with twins, she reportedly told the man that she had DNA tests conducted which proved that he is not the father. However, she reportedly told others that he is. After the twins, a boy and girl, were born, they never came home with their mother. Instead, they each went to two different families, each of which had a family connection to the mother.

However, the family who had been raising the boy claims that the mother showed up at their door with police and an employee of an adoption agency when the baby was several months old. The child was taken to a family in another state, and he is currently in the process of being adopted. The family who cared for the baby was so distraught that they contacted the man, informing him that he is the children's father.

The man claims that physical similarities between the twins and his other children support the claim that he is their biological father. He has initiated legal proceedings to gain custody, despite threats and warnings made by the adoption agency. His first step is to establish paternity.

Unfortunately, many people in New Hampshire who have found themselves embroiled in such a complicated child custody matter do not have the legal experience to navigate the court system. Often, it is beneficial to seek the advice of an attorney who does have such experience. Because children change so quickly within the first few months in life, parents are often eager to quickly resolve disputes that prevent them from establishing a relationship with their children.

Source:, "Mom gives up custody of twins without dad's permission", Jan. 21, 2017

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