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Paula Patton's child custody request denied

It is often difficult for married couples in New Hampshire to make parenting decisions together. Once they are divorced, there is often an added level of difficulty to coparenting. Unfortunately for celebrity couples, their complications are often amplified by the media. Such is the case involving a recent child custody battle between Robin Thicke and his ex-wife Paula Patton.

The couple share a 6-year-old son and currently have joint custody. Recently, however, Patton requested that Thicke's time with the boy be restricted. She claims that she has concerns about his alcohol consumption and use of corporal punishment. According to court papers, the young boy reported a harsh spanking allegedly given to him by Thicke to people at his school. Officials at the school then notified the Department of Children and Family Services.

Thicke disputes the claims against him. He argues that he only ever uses spankings as punishments as a last resort, and his use is in accordance to parenting agreements he and Patton made while they were married. According to Thicke, Patton is only requesting the change in their custody agreement because she was not invited to attend the funeral of Alan Thicke, Robin's father. A judge has recently denied Patton's request.

Many former couples are able to peacefully coparent together. However, some in New Hampshire are likely aware of how difficult this is. For those who need additional assistance resolving child custody conflicts, there are attorneys with experience with such issues who can take appropriate action if a child's safety is threatened or when a parent must protect his or her right to spend time with and make decisions for children.

Source: USA Today, "Paula Patton, Robin Thicke engage in new custody battle", Andrea Mandell, Jan. 12, 2017

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