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Football player Emmanuel Sanders caught in high asset divorce

Being a professional athlete often comes with a great deal of media attention. While many athletes are able to navigate this attention and lead a relatively normal life, some live a life that may seem foreign to a person in New Hampshire with a more traditional life. Papers filed as a result of Broncos football player Emmanuel Sanders's high asset divorce portray him as falling in the latter category.

Sanders's wife originally filed papers asking for a divorce in Oct. 2016. Although she was pregnant at the time, court papers gave little information about the situation. In them, she claimed that conflicting personalities were causing the marriage to be insupportable.

However, more insight into the situation was given when more detailed claims were included in a recent filing. She accuses Sanders of having multiple affairs and spending a great deal of money to support those relationships. She also claims that although he told the Broncos he was missing a game due to the birth of his child, she claims that he was not present for the delivery. Instead, she claims, he was "partying." Some sources who have reached out to Sanders report that he has declined to comment.

Couples in New Hampshire frequently find themselves in a marriage that is no longer successful. For those couples, divorce is often the best option. In the event of a high asset divorce, there may be added considerations to make. Many people in such a situation want to ensure that there is an experienced professional who is willing to fight for their best interests, even when a split seems relatively amicable.

Source: CBS Sports, "Divorce papers allege Emmanuel Sanders lied to Broncos about skipping practice", Jared Dubin, Feb. 20, 2017

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