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Settlement reached in high asset divorce

When most couples in New Hampshire make the decision to marry, they likely do so with the expectation that they will be together until one of them passes away. Realistically, however, many marriages end in divorce. For some, the decision to end a marriage is a difficult one to make, but the decision is often in the best of those involved. A high asset divorce can be especially contentious as couples disagree on how assets should be divided.

Fortunately, one out-of-state couple has been able to create a settlement without going to trial. The 72-year-old real estate developer, reportedly worth approximately $400 million, and 65-year-old plastic surgeon married in 2008. The wife filed for divorce in July 2016.

The husband originally contested the divorce. However, a judge recently accepted a private agreement between the two and congratulated them on their ability to resolve their issues. Neither person was willing to comment on their divorce.

In order to settle a high asset divorce without going to trial, it is often necessary to compromise in order to create an agreement about which both parties are satisfied. However, no amount of compromise on the part of one person may make the other person happy in some situations, making a trial necessary. As a result, people in New Hampshire seek an attorney who is willing to negotiate for them outside of the courtroom but also prepared to take the case to court should the couple be unable to come to an agreement. Fortunately, many people are able to amicably end their marriage so that they can more quickly move on to the next stage of their lives.

Source: New York Daily News, "Real estate magnate Bruce Ratner and his plastic surgeon wife Pamela Lipkin reach divorce deal with little ugliness", Molly Crane-Newman and Nancy Dillon, April 21, 2017

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