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False information can lead to divorce

Often, as soon as a couple in New Hampshire announces their intention to marry, their well-meaning loved ones and friends take it upon themselves to provide advice about how to have a successful marriage. Unfortunately, all couples are unique and require different things. Sometimes, the changes that occur as two people navigate life leave them incompatible, meaning the decision to divorce may have nothing to do with the effort a couple puts into their relationship.

Some studies have even recently found that steps that were previously thought to help a couple work through conflict may not be productive. For example, many couples utilize active listening strategies. However, some research shows that such methods are ineffective for many couples. Even for couples who did have some initial success, the benefits largely disappeared within a year.

Many couples experience strife over the division of labor. While many feel that a marriage is a 50/50 undertaking, purposefully splitting chores in this manner does not mean that the marriage will be successful. Keeping a score of who does what in a marriage can be a sign of a struggling relationship.

It is natural that people change over time for a variety of different reasons. Even following certain measures that some professionals claim may be an effective way to improve a relationship can not always make two people who are no longer compatible happy in a relationship. For couples in such a situation in New Hampshire, a divorce may be the only option to a happier future.

Source:, "4 Marriage Myths That Cause Divorce", Kyle Benson, May 10, 2017

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