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Know your rights when it comes to summer vacations and divorce

As a concerned parent, you likely researched various topics regarding children and divorce before the court issued a decree in your situation. Like most other New Hampshire parents, you only want what's best for your children, and you went into divorce knowing it would greatly affect their lives. However, you determined you would not let the breakdown of your marriage deteriorate your relationship with your kids.

In fact, as soon as you decided divorce was your most viable option, you began making future parenting plans that would help you remain active and involved in your children's lives. Since you were not going to become the custodial parent, this topic was (and is) of paramount importance to you. As you made plans for summer vacation, it occurred to you there might be rules and regulations on such matters in divorce.

Do you need the court's permission to take a vacation with your kids?

Below is a list of facts that pertain to U.S. family law provisions regarding summer vacations for divorced parents. One or more of the following may apply to your particular situation:

  • Many people mistakenly believe that a non-custodial parent cannot to take minor children on vacation. This is simply not true, although various restrictions may apply.
  • It's also incorrect to think custodial parents may travel with their children anywhere at any time without providing reasonable notice to non-custodial parents.
  • The court often rules on such issues when no formal parental agreement exists. For instance, the court may rule that a parent can't take a child out of its jurisdiction without written permission from the court and/or agreement from the other parent.
  • While you're on vacation with your children, you'll likely have to keep lines of communication between them and their other parent open. You may also have to provide a copy of your itinerary to your former spouse, in case of emergency.

Regulations regarding child custody, visitation and summer vacations help keep children's best interests at heart and protect your rights as a parent. If someone violates your parental rights, you have every right to seek recourse through the family justice system. So long as the court has not ruled that time alone with your children would be detrimental to them in some way, you are able to build new and lasting memories with your kids as you see fit.

New Hampshire parents who run into child custody or visitation problems regarding summer vacations, holidays or other special events often turn to experienced family law attorneys for support. An attorney is up-to-date on current regulations and can advise a concerned parent how best to address a particular matter in court.

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