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Surprising reasons for divorce

The average person in New Hampshire likely knows someone who has made the decision to end a marriage. When most people think of the reasons for a divorce, they probably think there were major issues in the marriage, such as adultery or drug addiction. However, there are seemingly minor issues that are often overlooked that could ultimately damage a relationship.

One issue is the use of social media. For many people, sites like Facebook take a great deal of their time. Not only can it limit the quantity of time a couple spends together, it can also reduce the quality of time if one person is distracted by notifications or unwilling to give his or her full attention to a partner. Additionally, some professionals claim that a lack of eye contact -- as a result of failing to look away from a phone or television, for example -- can lead to a lack of intimacy that can harm a relationship.

Another stress on a relationship are children who are out of control. The stress of having children -- regardless of their behavior -- is often difficult enough. But children who are especially disruptive can prevent parents from having conversations beyond the child and his or her behavior.

There are a variety of reasons -- even relatively minor ones -- that could undermine a relationship. While there are strategies to cope with these issues, many couples in New Hampshire decide that it is in their best interest to seek a divorce rather than to stay in a marriage that is not fulfilling. This decision typically allows both people to move on to a happier stage of life.

Source:, "7 Surprising Reasons Marriages Fail That No One Talks About", Karen Cicero, April 28, 2017

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