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Spousal support ruling issued in Mary J. Blige's divorce

Most every married couple would admit that being married is hard work. Even couples who seem to have relatively stable relationships sometimes experience hardships that they are unable to overcome. Unfortunately, couples who are in the spotlight often face more stresses than the typical couple in New Hampshire. Additionally, when there are a great deal of assets involved that must be divided in the event of a divorce, the proceedings can quickly become more complicated.

The divorce of performer Mary J. Blige has recently attracted a great deal of media attention. Recently, a judge has issued a ruling regarding the spousal support requested by her estranged husband, who had also served as her manager. Although he had originally requested almost $130,000 a month, the judge deemed that amount unreasonable, instead awarding him $30,000.

Blige reportedly filed for divorce approximately 12 years into their marriage. In an interview, she claims that her marriage fell apart after asking her husband several times for respect. In addition to the monthly spousal support, Blige must also make back payments and pay for her estranged husband's attorney fees. The house they purchased in 2008 is also on the market.

While many couples have a great deal of conflict as they attempt to divide their lives in divorce proceedings, there are many in New Hampshire who are able to peacefully come to an agreement. For these couples, there are options, such as mediation or collaboration, that can both reduce the length and cost of proceedings. Having an attorney with experience regarding all options can help a person seeking a divorce ensure that he or she has a capable voice fighting for the best attainable result.

Source:, "Mary J. Blige ordered to pay ex $30K a month; dinged for living beyond means", Vicki Hyman, June 8, 2017

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