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More people seeking ways to ease divorce process

There is likely no person in New Hampshire who enters into matrimony with the expectation that their marriage will end. Despite going in with the hope that their relationship will lead to a divorce, some attorneys claim that they are seeing an uptick in the number of people seeking a prenuptial agreement. Some professionals speculate that this increase has occurred not because more people expect the end of their marriage but because people are waiting longer to marry, leaving them with more assets.

Some claim that there was once a stigma associated with a prenuptial agreement. Mistakenly, there was a thought that those creating such an agreement were assuming that their marriage was going to end. However, when divorce became more acceptable, more states began recognizing the agreements.

Far from planning for the end of a relationship, prenuptial agreements are a way to create a financial plan. As more people wait longer to marry, many people go into a marriage with an established career and significant assets. On the other hand, some people have accrued large amounts of debt. A prenup can help protect personal assets while also preventing a spouse from being saddled with the other person's debt.

Couples who are planning a wedding often choose to face the reality of their financial situation. When one spouse has spent years building his or her business, the desire to keep the business intact in case the couple decides to divorce is understandable. To help create an agreement that is fair and enforceable, many people in New Hampshire seek help from an experienced family law attorney.

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