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Parents claim IQ should not be child custody factor

The vast majority of parents in New Hampshire simply want to ensure that their children receive the care that they need. A variety of different parents, regardless of their education and intellectual abilities, are able to ensure that their children thrive. However, a family from another state claims that they unfairly lost child custody due to the parents' low IQ.

The couples -- whose IQs are around 70 -- have two children together. Their issues with the Department of Human Services began just days after their first son was born approximately four years ago. The boy's mother claims that a roommate contacted DHS, claiming that the infant's father was not appropriately responding to the baby. As a result, DHS intervened, and the couple lost custody.

The couple's second son was recently born, but he was taken from them before they could leave the hospital. Although the couple has worked hard to prove their ability to parent the children, including taking several classes, they still have not regained custody. A volunteer with the DHS who monitored visitation claims that she did not observe anything that would make her think the parents were unable to raise the children, and she is now fighting on their behalf. Although DHS claims that children are not removed from homes solely based on parents' IQs, court papers claim that the parents are unable to capably care for children as a result of what is described as their "limited cognitive abilities."

While this case happened in another state, there are parents in New Hampshire who are fighting to protect their parental rights and their relationship with their children after losing child custody. Unfortunately, these cases can often be complicated and require knowledge and experience with the court system and family law. As a result, many parents who are fighting for their children seek guidance from an attorney with experience with such cases.

Source:, "Oregon parents claim they lost custody of kids due to low IQ", Aug. 1, 2017

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