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You don't have to part ways with your financial future in divorce

If you are considering divorce, chances are, there are numerous aspects that might be influencing your decision. It might be more complicated than simply parting ways with your spouse. No matter how you look at it, divorce is a serious decision that could have a substantial impact on your future.

Perhaps one of your most significant concerns pertains to the financial ramifications that might accompany such a major life change. While property division will inherently affect this area of life, there may be certain measures you can take to prepare for the financial side of divorce.

Considerations for the financial side of divorce

In equitable distribution states, such as New Hampshire, the division of property must be fair, but it doesn't have to be equal. With the potential gravity of the outcome of your divorce, you might wish to gain a better understanding of what to expect, and some tips to help you along the way could include the following:

  • Valuation of assets:  You and your spouse may have a considerable amount of property and assets, and obtaining the correct value and potential cost of upkeep of each one could help prepare you to seek a favorable outcome during legal proceedings.
  • Retirement/investment accounts:  Dividing these types of assets can be a complex process, and exploring the potential advantages and disadvantages or pursing retirement funds before entering negotiations could prove beneficial down the road.
  • Tax ramifications:  Certain assets may be subject to higher tax rates or even come with potential tax penalties, and obtaining awareness of this aspect will be in your best interests.
  • Creating a budget:  Since changing from a two-person income to life on your own can seem somewhat overwhelming at first glance, you might find it beneficial to form a budget to assist with the transition.

When forming a post-divorce budget, you may also want to factor in any marital debts, as you might be responsible for a portion of them following divorce, and overlooking debts could prove detrimental to the overall outcome of your current situation.

 Obtaining guidance

While you might have an idea of what you want to happen during this process, the division of property and assets can be exceedingly complex. Should achieving your goals prove stressful and intimidating, seeking guidance in covering every aspect of divorce could be in your best interests. By speaking with someone who is knowledgeable in such intricate matters, you could obtain advice for making informed decisions throughout the process, which may in turn prove beneficial to pursuing the best possible outcome during divorce proceedings.

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