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Collaborative law: Seeking a less stressful divorce

When two people decide to marry, they likely never envision a day in which they will want to end their marriage. However, the reality of the matter is that many couples will ultimately make the difficult decision to seek a divorce. In order to reduce some of the stress associated with the termination of a marriage, many people in New Hampshire seek more information about the collaborative law process.

In a collaborative divorce, a couple comes together in the spirit of compromise as they seek a resolution. Each has a lawyer to help ensure their voice is heard. Both parties also sign a contract at the beginning of proceedings, indicating their agreement to provide accurate documentation and come to proceedings in the spirit of compromise.

Additional resources can be added to the proceedings as needed. For example, some people may choose to also seek guidance from an accountant, therapist or appraiser. However, if the proceedings become contentious and break down, the collaborative lawyers will recuse themselves. Lawyers who handle what are considered to be more traditional divorces will then need to pursue the matter in court.

There are many benefits to seeking a divorce through collaborative law in New Hampshire. Often, it reduces much of the stress and contention associated with proceedings. Additionally, proceedings are kept out of the courtroom. An attorney with experience with alternative dispute resolution methods can help people understand how to seek what can be a faster and more peaceful path to the next step of their lives in a way that could help them reduce the animosity often associated with such proceedings.

Source:, "Why Collaborative Divorce is a Route Worth Considering", Dr. Nikki Martinez, Oct. 1, 2017

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