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Violation of court order leads to child custody change

Parents in New Hampshire and other areas of the country often struggle to parent their children together, especially when their romantic relationship has come to an end. As a result, they often work with an attorney to create an agreement that will lay out how a variety of different parenting issues will be resolved. Failure to follow agreements related to child custody and parenting could have serious consequences.

A recent case in another state illustrates the seriousness of failing to following court orders. The issue involves vaccinations for a young child. The judge in the case indicates that the parents agreed that although the mother objected to grouping the shots together, they each signed a consent order directing that the vaccinations would be administered. However, the mother, who had primary custody of the child, later claimed that vaccinations are against her religious beliefs and did not allow her son to receive them.

The woman spent several days in jail for failing to meet the requirements of the court order. Recently, her custody rights have been reduced; she will now have joint custody with the child's father. The judge noted that the woman never appealed the original court order or asked that it be set aside. The mother claims that the decision shocked her, and she plans to appeal.

Once signed, agreements regarding parenting and child custody are difficult, if not impossible, to change. As a result, it is necessary that parents fully understand their wishes and have a strong voice, such as an attorney with experience with family law, to help them advocate for themselves and their children. Often, doing so can help parents in New Hampshire reduce future conflict.

Source: CBS Detroit, "Reduced Child Custody Rights For Mom Who Refused To Vaccinate Child", Oct. 12, 2017

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