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Audrina Patridge divorce proceedings appear contentious

Relationships are often hard work. Even couples in New Hampshire who feel passionately about one another can end up struggling when they live together. For example, reality star Audrina Patridge and her husband, Corey Bohan, are now seeking a divorce after less than a year of marriage.

Patridge initially filed for divorce approximately a month ago. At the time, she requested a restraining order due to what she describes as Bohan's abusive behavior. Court papers indicate that she claimed to have fled the house in fear. She was given a temporary restraining order as well as a child abduction prevention order against her estranged husband.

Bohan has recently responded to Patridge's divorce filing. In it, he denies the abuse allegations and requests spousal support and for Patridge to pay his legal fees. Court papers also indicate that he is accusing Patridge of attempting to goad him into violating the restraining order in an effort to garner media attention. While he requested that the judge order Patridge not to harass him while in the family residence or allow others to so do, his request was denied.

While it appears that the divorce between Patridge and Bohan is set to be a contentious one, couples in New Hampshire often do not experience such conflict. In fact, many couples are able to come together in the spirit of understanding and compromise, allowing them to peacefully move toward the next stage in their life. These couples often seek alternative dispute resolutions that allow them to avoid public court proceedings, saving them both time and money. Doing so often helps children who must also process the changing family dynamic in their lives.

Source: People Magazine, "Audrina Patridge's Ex Files for Joint Custody of 1-Year-Old Daughter & Requests Spousal Support from Hills Alum", Natalie Stone, Oct. 25, 2017

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