Woman makes dementia claim following husband’s divorce petition

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The decision to end a marriage is never an easy one to make. Even though people struggle with whether to seek a divorce, the events that follow the decision can vary greatly for couples in New Hampshire and across the country. Unfortunately, a couple in another state appears to be set for contentious proceedings.

The case involves a 71-year-old man and his 59-year-old wife who have been married for four years. The man reportedly served as Clerk of Court for his community before helping his now-estranged wife win an election for the same position. However, the husband filed for divorce in March.

Following his filing, the woman asked a judge to determine that the man is senile and appoint her as guardian. Representatives for the man claim that they woman’s actions are only an attempt to slow divorce proceedings and an attempt to control his money. However, a three-panel judge has recently unanimously agreed that the man is not senile.

Unfortunately, not all divorce filings are straight forward. Often, unexpected situations occur that can add a layer of complexity to family court proceedings. As a result, people in New Hampshire who are working to advance to the next stage of their life often benefit from having an attorney with experience with family law proceedings on their side to help respond to both routine and unexpected aspects of such cases. While not all cases are contentious, such a professional can ensure that his or her clients are fully informed about their options.

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