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Did money disappear from your account after filing for divorce?

Hopefully, you have a strong support network in place as you navigate divorce proceedings. You are likely not the first person who has filed for divorce in a New Hampshire court this month, nor will you be the last. However, no two situations are exactly the same, so the challenges you face will be different than another person's. The trick is to get through it all with the least amount of stress possible.

Sometimes, that's easier said than done, especially if you suspect your spouse is squirreling away money. Hiding marital assets is a major problem with which many divorcing New Hampshire residents contend. If you learn how to recognize the signs of possible trouble ahead of time and know where to turn for help in such situations, you may be able to rectify the problem before it gets out of hand.

Red flag alerts that may signal hidden asset trouble

It's not all that surprising that your spouse may be acting differently toward you since divorce papers were filed. If you think the behavior goes beyond mere contention and raises concerns that something illegal might be happening, you may want to look further into the matter before you wind up facing a serious crisis. The following list includes various situations that could warrant investigation:

  • If you have a joint account and you notice withdrawals of which you were unaware, it may be a sign that your spouse is sneakily moving money to another account.
  • Did your spouse recently purchase an additional cell phone (or two)? It is rather suspicious if someone is suddenly using multiple phones.
  • Has your spouse recently loaned money to friends or family members or claimed that he or she is paying back a personal loan about which you knew nothing? Often, a soon-to-be ex-spouse will hide assets by giving money to third parties to hold until the court finalizes the divorce. This keeps the money from being subject to property division.
  • If your spouse suddenly obtains a private post office box, you may want to inquire about it.
  • If your spouse claims to have undergone an unexpected pay cut at work, you may want to verify that information.
  • If you suddenly can't access files regarding financial information on your computer because your spouse created a new password, removed the hard drive or claims the computer broke and gets rid of it, red flags should be flying.

No one can legally withhold money or assets from you that are rightfully yours in divorce. Full disclosure is necessary when negotiating property division issues. New Hampshire is not a community property state, so the court does not have to divide assets 50/50. To do so fairly, both parties must be honest as they discuss financial issues. Hiding assets during a divorce is generally illegal.

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