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Coping financially following a New Hampshire divorce

No couple in New Hampshire has a perfect relationship. While disagreements and conflict are a normal part of married life, some couples' issues go deeper than these expected struggles. While many can work through their problems, others often accept that a divorce may be the only option to a happier life.

Unfortunately, some couples may choose to stay together because of their finances. A divorce will admittedly have an impact on a person's overall financial state; maintaining two residences is in itself an added expense. However, no one should be forced to stay in a miserable relationship because of their finances.

Once the decision to end a marriage is made, a person must look carefully at his or her financially situation. In order to cope, some make the decision to sell the family home and move into a smaller house. Once housing is secured, there are additional changes that could be made. Some people going through a divorce choose to seek advice from professionals with experience creating budgets for those in such a situation.

While the actual divorce also has expenses, there are options that could reduce the overall financial burden. For example, some couples in New Hampshire opt for alternative dispute resolution options such as a collaborative divorce or mediation. Not only do these methods often incur fewer expenses than a contested divorce, they can also allow couples a more peaceful resolution, which can be especially important for those who must continue to make parenting decisions together. A professional with experience with these methods can help couples understand their options and take the necessary steps to begin the next chapter of their lives.

Source:, "How to Build Financial Stability After Divorce", Toni Husbands, Feb. 20, 2018

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