Cardi B, Offset divorce show growing apart can cause divorce

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Divorce is seldom easy. But, it does not have to be based on a traumatic moment, like cheating or domestic abuse. Sometimes, loving Manchester spouses simply grow apart, and when this happens, divorce becomes the pathway for both spouses to live their best lives. This type of divorce is reportedly what rappers Cardi B and Offset are now going through.

What happened?

While a hearing is not set until Nov. 4, according to Cardi B’s divorce filing in the Fulton County Magistrate, the “WAP” rapper has officially filed for divorce from rapper, Offset, on Sept. 15. She asked the Georgia court for primary physical and legal custody of the couple’s only child.

The filing does not go into details, but Cardi B recently explained her reasons for filing for divorce. Apparently, the two grew apart, and they no longer saw eye-to-eye on anything, causing constant arguing. As such, rather than allowing this tear to break down their relation further or let things spiral out of control, she decided filing for divorce was the more amicable solution.

A collaborative divorce

This celebrity divorce shows that not every divorce has to be seen as a negative experience. And, when both parties agree that a divorce is the best path forward, a collaborative divorce may be an option. The collaborative divorce process begins prior to filing for divorce, and it can avoid costly litigation.

The collaborative divorce process avoids the litigation process through negotiations (done through each party’s divorce attorney) and/or mediation with an independent third-party, often also a divorce attorney. But, to use the process one must find a collaborative law attorney, one that is specially trained in the collaborative law, both prior to a divorce filing and after. Generally, this is an attorney, but others are also usually involved in the process, like therapists, financial planners and appraisers

The key is, before filing anything, contact a Manchester, New Hampshire, divorce attorney immediately. They can go over one’s options to guide one on the best path moving forward.