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Signs that a divorce might be right for you

Marriage is supposed to be a lifelong joining of a couple. But sadly, many New Hampshire relationships change over the years, and at some point it might be healthier to part ways. That's not to say that every marriage having a bad stretch ought to end in a...

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Depression and marriage

Depression affects an untold number of people living in New Hampshire. For some, depression drives a wedge between partners and causes other problems in a marriage. Depression’s symptoms Many people deal with minor, fleeting sadness or depression. Those struggling...

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How depression can lead to divorce

Depression affecting one or both spouses can wreak havoc in a New Hampshire marriage, often leading to divorce. This common mental health problem can exacerbate a couple's differences and prevent them from seeking needed help. How depression makes a relationship toxic...

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Tips for having a great divorce

A divorce typically occurs because you weren't happy with your spouse or the relationship that you had with them. However, just because your marriage didn't work out doesn't mean that you can't have a positive experience. This is generally true whether the divorce is...

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