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Preserving family harmony with collaborative law

For many people who seek a divorce in New Hampshire, the end of their marriage does not signify the end of the relationship. Couples who have children together will have to continue to co-parent together as they work toward making decisions that are in the best interests of their children. Because a traditional divorce can sometimes generate a great deal of conflict, creating feelings that could ultimately impact parents' abilities to work together in the best interests of their children, many are turning to alternative forms of dispute resolution, including collaborative law.

Collaborative law: Seeking a less stressful divorce

When two people decide to marry, they likely never envision a day in which they will want to end their marriage. However, the reality of the matter is that many couples will ultimately make the difficult decision to seek a divorce. In order to reduce some of the stress associated with the termination of a marriage, many people in New Hampshire seek more information about the collaborative law process.

Collaborative law fosters resolution out of the courtroom

A variety of different couples in New Hampshire make the different decision that it is time to seek a divorce. While the creators of television shows and movies would have audiences believe that divorce is always filled with contention and plays out in a dramatic courtroom, that is not the case. Some couples may face a certain degree of contention, but many are able to complete the proceedings through the use of alternative dispute resolution methods such as collaborative law.

Collaborative divorce: A solution to property division quarrels?

Navigating the divorce process in New Hampshire can understandably be difficult due to the financial and emotional challenges associated with it. In some divorce cases, the process is relatively straightforward, as the two parties agree on virtually all matters. However, the dissolution of a marriage can be especially confusing if you and your spouse do not agree on many issues.

Collaborative law and mediation can lead to calmer divorce

There is a common misconception that all divorces are bitter and contentious. While it is true that some couples may have a long battle, many in Manchester seek a more peaceful resolution. For those interested in their options with regards to alternative dispute resolution, as opposed to traditional litigation, the attorneys at Clark Law Offices are trained in collaborative law and mediation.

Evolution of divorce: Three different options for resolution

Divorce is not what it once was. The old notion of a couple heading into a courtroom to duke it out over who gets what and where the children should go is no longer the only option. Couples getting a divorce today have several options to consider:

Collaborative law helps ease the stress, time and cost of divorce

When two people marry in New Hampshire, they likely do so with a certain amount of expectation and respect for one another. The passing of years and the experience of the life events that follow often alter how two people feel about one another. As a result, the couple begins to examine their divorce options. In order to avoid some of the contention associated with a trial and to ensure that the decision-making power remains in the hands of the couple, many choose to explore the options provided by collaborative law.