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Family law: Court asked to weigh in on extracurriculars

Parents in New Hampshire are often forced to make decisions about their children's welfare even though they have conflicting ideas regarding what is in their best interests. Coming to decisions in such a scenario can be difficult enough for parents who are still romantically involved, but can be nearly impossible for couples who are not. In fact, parents in another state have asked a family law judge to weigh in on whether their teenage son should continue to play football.

Taking time in a New Hampshire divorce

When a couple comes to the difficult decision to end their marriage, they are often only starting what could be a lengthy process. The instinct for many couples in New Hampshire is to end the divorce process as quickly as possible regardless of the consequences. However, this may not be the best financial option.

Coping financially following a New Hampshire divorce

No couple in New Hampshire has a perfect relationship. While disagreements and conflict are a normal part of married life, some couples' issues go deeper than these expected struggles. While many can work through their problems, others often accept that a divorce may be the only option to a happier life.

Don't feel rushed to make post-divorce living arrangements

Ending a New Hampshire marriage requires a considerable investment of time and energy. There are many decisions to be made and seemingly very little time to make life-altering choices. When it comes to deciding where to live after a divorce, it's important to avoid rushing into a decision that can have lasting ramifications. 

Simplifying divorce in New Hampshire

When a couple walks down the aisle, they likely do so with the conviction that they will spend the rest of their lives together. However, as time passes, people who were once perfect for each other find that they are no longer compatible. While a divorce can be a difficult and lengthy process, couples in New Hampshire who are willing to work together cooperatively can often reduce the length of the process as well as some of the expense often associated with the end of a marriage.

Family law: Couple disagree over embryo custody

When people in New Hampshire choose to end their marriage, there are several decisions that must be made. In some cases where couples have utilized in vitro fertilization, what happens to frozen embryos is often a complicated aspect of family law. Many couples have an agreement in place when they create the embryos, but several cases have found their way to court.

Preparing for a New Hampshire divorce

During the holidays, many families in New Hampshire, even if the marriage is struggling, often have great expectations. They may believe that time spent together will create lasting memories and bring the family closer together. However, this is not always the case. In fact, some statistics seem to indicate that divorce filings peak in the months following the holiday season. For those considering such an option, there are some tasks that people can undertake to ease the process as they consider such a path to help.

Woman makes dementia claim following husband's divorce petition

The decision to end a marriage is never an easy one to make. Even though people struggle with whether to seek a divorce, the events that follow the decision can vary greatly for couples in New Hampshire and across the country. Unfortunately, a couple in another state appears to be set for contentious proceedings.

New tax law could impact divorce in New Hampshire

The media has been buzzing with the recent legislative attempts to pass a sweeping tax plan. Now that it has passed, many people in New Hampshire and across the country are considering how the changes will impact them. It could have a significant impact on couples who are seeking divorce, as it changes how spousal support is taxed.

Rules for Social Security payments after divorce

In a marriage, one spouse often makes less than the other. In some cases, this is the result of a deliberate decision while in others it may be simply a matter of career choices. Regardless of the reason, a person may need his or her spouse's Social Security payments to make ends meet after retirement. The decision to divorce could have some people in New Hampshire questioning how they will pay their bills.