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High asset divorce creates conflict between dad, adult children

Marriages end every day in New Hampshire for a variety of different reasons. While all couples who choose to end their relationships often struggle with the decision, a high asset divorce can be complicated and result in more contention. For example, a couple that lives in another state may face lengthy proceedings after the woman announced her decision to seek a divorce.

Settlement reached in high asset divorce

When most couples in New Hampshire make the decision to marry, they likely do so with the expectation that they will be together until one of them passes away. Realistically, however, many marriages end in divorce. For some, the decision to end a marriage is a difficult one to make, but the decision is often in the best of those involved. A high asset divorce can be especially contentious as couples disagree on how assets should be divided.

Prenuptial agreement questioned in high asset divorce

When people marry, they do so with the expectation that they will spend the rest of their lives together. However, as time passes and people change, many couples come to realize that they are no longer compatible. Because of this possibility, some people in New Hampshire create a prenuptial agreement in order to avoid the possibility of a contentious high asset divorce. However, the wife of Zynga founder Mark Pincus is seeking to invalidate their prenuptial agreement as part of their divorce proceedings.

Football player Emmanuel Sanders caught in high asset divorce

Being a professional athlete often comes with a great deal of media attention. While many athletes are able to navigate this attention and lead a relatively normal life, some live a life that may seem foreign to a person in New Hampshire with a more traditional life. Papers filed as a result of Broncos football player Emmanuel Sanders's high asset divorce portray him as falling in the latter category.

Hedge fund boss involved in high asset divorce

Some couples in New Hampshire may discover that their relationship is no longer working. In order to ensure their personal happiness as well as the overall well-being of their children, they often concede that a divorce is in their best interest. While most proceedings to end a marriage are relatively straight forward, a high asset divorce can be more complicated as both sides work to disentangle and divide assets.

Court ruling invalidates high asset divorce

For many people in New Hampshire and across the country, the decision to seek a divorce is a complex one at which they arrive only after serious consideration. Once the decision is made, the process is typically fairly standard. However, those with a high asset divorce can experience complications that can require the help of an experienced attorney in order to properly resolve them. This could be especially true for those that involve international spouses. In fact, one woman has recently found herself still married after a previous divorce declaration was overturned.

Managing a high asset divorce in New Hampshire

Following the news of the recent split of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, many people in New Hampshire are wondering about the division of assets in a divorce. Depending on a family's individual situation, a high asset divorce can be complicated, potentially lasting for a great deal of time and requiring a team of experts to work out the details. While such divorces are often portrayed as acrimonious, many couples are able to peacefully work though the details of their finances to determine how their assets will be divided.

Appellate ruling settles high asset divorce fight

When a person in New Hampshire makes the decision to end a marriage, there are multiple other decisions that must follow. This may especially be true in the case of a high asset divorce. Many couples are able to put aside their differences and, with the help of their attorneys, come to a divorce agreement with relative ease. Other cases can last for years. An appellate court in another state has recently ruled on a request that the original settlement be thrown out; the dispute has lasted over a decade.

High asset divorce: Isaiah Silva requests spousal support

When people in New Hampshire marry, they must often define their roles within the relationship. In some cases, a person might decide to put his or her career on hold. However, if the marriage ends in divorce, couples must then decide how to separate their lives. If a person has given up a career, he or she might be at a financial disadvantage. In a high asset divorce playing out publicly, Isaiah Silva, the estranged husband of France Cobain, daughter of Kurt Cobain, claims that he did just that.

High Asset Divorce: Billionaire couple head to contentious split

When a couple in New Hampshire chooses to marry, they are likely thinking of their current happiness. However, planning for the future and considering all possibilities can prove beneficial. For example, creating a prenuptial agreement can help both people better understand their financial situation as well as make plans in case the marriage ends in divorce. Some sources claim that one high asset divorce taking place in another state will likely become contentious as both sides argue over an estate worth billions; the couple reportedly has no prenuptial agreement in place.