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Signs that a divorce might be right for you

Marriage is supposed to be a lifelong joining of a couple. But sadly, many New Hampshire relationships change over the years, and at some point it might be healthier to part ways. That's not to say that every marriage having a bad stretch ought to end in a...

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What makes a good parenting plan?

Parents in New Hampshire are generally allowed to retain a relationship with their children after a divorce or separation. The rights and responsibilities of each parent will typically be contained within a written parenting plan. A parenting plan can either be...

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Depression and marriage

Depression affects an untold number of people living in New Hampshire. For some, depression drives a wedge between partners and causes other problems in a marriage. Depression’s symptoms Many people deal with minor, fleeting sadness or depression. Those struggling...

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How depression can lead to divorce

Depression affecting one or both spouses can wreak havoc in a New Hampshire marriage, often leading to divorce. This common mental health problem can exacerbate a couple's differences and prevent them from seeking needed help. How depression makes a relationship toxic...

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Why change a parenting plan?

New Hampshire courts generally allow both parents to take an active role in a child's life after they divorce. In many cases, the terms of a parenting plan are crafted by the parents themselves before being approved by a court. If circumstances warrant, the terms of...

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