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Manchester Fathers’ Rights Attorneys

Since 1985, the lawyers of Clark Law PLLC have protected the rights of fathers and mothers in New Hampshire family law proceedings. We bring decades of combined experience to these matters, as well as a standing commitment to our clients’ success.

What Are My Rights As A Father?

At Clark Law PLLC, we are longtime advocates for the fair treatment of fathers in divorce and other family law disputes. We believe that all fathers deserve a chance to protect their paternal rights and seek fair arrangements for custody and parenting time. Under the law, mothers and fathers have equal rights to fair parenting schedules.

Attorney Cindy Clark served in the New Hampshire House of Representatives in 1975-1976. During that time, she was the sole sponsor of legislation that fathers be given equal rights in contested custody cases, which was a controversial issue at the time. As family structures and parental roles continue to change, we remain committed to helping both mothers and fathers preserve their precious relationships with their children.

Paternity And Unmarried Fathers

If you are the father of a child or believe that you may be the father of an unborn child, it is important to understand your rights and obligations under the law. You may be required to pay child support, in which case the lawyers of Clark Law PLLC can help you reach a fair child support arrangement.

If you desire custody or visitation, you must establish paternity. Our family law attorneys have helped many fathers secure legal paternity, parenting time, shared parenting time, or primary custody of their children.

Contact Our Manchester Father’s Rights Attorneys

To schedule a free initial consultation and learn more about father’s rights, please call us at 603-473-4338 or contact us by email to arrange a consultation.