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Debt Is Part Of Marital Property, Too. Get Rid Of It.

Many people don’t realize that any consumer debt acquired during marriage will also be counted as “property” and subject to the equitable distribution property settlement. This may include personal credit card debt taken out by only one of the spouses.

Pre-Divorce Or Post-Divorce Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Services

If you are facing a large debt load after your divorce, it may be best to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy as a couple prior to divorce proceedings. This will eliminate the debt from your marital property.

If your divorce is already in the works and you have assumed a significant amount of debt as part of the settlement, filing Chapter 7 will help you get a new financial start, as you move ahead into your new future.

Call To Discuss Ways Chapter 7 May Be Right For You

Clark Law PLLC offers Chapter 7 bankruptcy legal services* as part of our comprehensive family law services. Call our offices in Manchester at +1-603-473-4338 or contact us by email to discuss your options.

*We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.