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Family law: Stepparent adoption in New Hampshire

The concept of a traditional family has been significantly redefined over the course of the last several decades. Now, many children in New Hampshire are being raised by parents with no biological relationship, sometimes creating complicated legal situations regarding family law. In fact, many stepparents are often full-time care providers and often want to legally protect their rights to parent their children. Clark Law PLLC is committed to helping stepparents through the adoption process.

Child custody decision reversed for second time

Although a divorce in New Hampshire can be an emotionally stressful time for everyone involved, many parents are able to maintain enough of a positive relationship to continue making decisions for their children together. However, this isn't always the case. Often, the relationship is so damaged that parents are unable to coparent together. Such appears to be the case for a former couple in another state whose child custody case has twice been remanded to a lower court.

Seeking child custody through alternative dispute resolution

In New Hampshire, couples often plan their lives together. They decide to get married and have children with the intention that they will spend the rest of their lives together. However, people and circumstances change as time passes, often leaving couples no longer compatible. Although they may no longer be suited to remain in a romantic relationship, they will have to continue to make decisions, including those involving child custody.

Actress Morena Baccarin, ex-husband settle child custody dispute

When parents in New Hampshire end their romantic relationship, it is sometimes difficult for them to agree on what is in their child's best interest. Negotiations regarding a divorce and child custody can be even more difficult when the couple is in the public spotlight. Fortunately, actress Morena Baccarin and her ex-husband were recently able to come to an agreement regarding the custody of their son.

New Hampshire attorneys committed to your child custody needs

Fairy tales would have us believe that all couples get married and live happily ever after. Unfortunately, reality often looks a little different. Children in New Hampshire are often born to parents who never intended to be in a long-term relationship, or serious relationships crumble after children are born. Both scenarios can leave parents struggling to agree upon a child custody arrangement.

Claims of extremism at heart of child custody case

When it comes to religion, even happily married couples often struggle to agree on how to raise their children. Even those who practice the same basic religion can sometimes have conflict over certain aspects of how they practice their faith. This conflict is often compounded for parents in New Hampshire who are no longer in a romantic relationship. Typically, courts do not make child custody decisions based on religious disputes between the parents.

Violation of court order leads to child custody change

Parents in New Hampshire and other areas of the country often struggle to parent their children together, especially when their romantic relationship has come to an end. As a result, they often work with an attorney to create an agreement that will lay out how a variety of different parenting issues will be resolved. Failure to follow agreements related to child custody and parenting could have serious consequences.

Child custody: Shared custody arrangement may be best

Parents in New Hampshire are, understandably, concerned about how their divorce will impact their children. As a result, a great deal of thought and discussion is often put into how child custody will be divided. Recent research may help ease some of the concerns about a relatively common custody arrangement.

Child custody cases involves breast milk

Most parents in New Hampshire and across the country are committed to doing what is in the best interests of their children. When parents cannot agree, courts are often tasked with the difficult position of making a decision. For example, a child custody case in another state is asking the court to decide if it is better for a child to be exclusively breast fed or have overnight visitation with his father.

Child custody issue prevents school enrollment

Issues of family law in New Hampshire can often be complex. In order to ensure that the person a court has deemed the most appropriate guardian actually has child custody, some states have laws regarding whether someone without legal custody of a minor can enroll said minor in school. Such a law in another state is apparently preventing a teenager from enrolling in high school.