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child custody Archives

Personal happiness reason to seek a divorce

Couples in New Hampshire likely have a variety of different reasons to stay in their marriages, even if they are unhappy. They may be worried about the social stigma and about the impact that a divorce might have on children. However, the end of a relationship, while emotionally challenging, is often the first step toward personal happiness.

Creating child custody plans in New Hampshire

The decision to divorce is often the product of a great deal of contemplation and discussion. Couples in New Hampshire with children must consider how their decision will ultimately impact the entire family. However, a divorce is often the best course of action for many families. In those circumstances, careful thought must be put into a child custody, or parenting, plan.

Immigration documents trump prenuptial agreements in divorce

Many couples planning to marry in New Hampshire take a realistic and careful examination of their lives before walking down the aisle. As part of that examination, they choose to create a prenuptial agreement that will help determine how assets will be divided should the marriage end in divorce. However, recent federal rulings seems to make it clear that agreements made in prenups cannot supersede the terms of certain federal documents regarding an immigration sponsor's fiscal responsibilities.

Stepfather proves paternity, but no change in child custody

Families can be complex. As couples with children divorce and remarry, a family can often be comprised of several different elements. Many families in New Hampshire are left working to blend these elements together, sometimes requiring a family court to make a decision. One out-of-state couple's recent attempt to change a child custody order to exclude the man previously thought the be a child's biological father was not successful.

Family law: Planning for summer to reduce custody conflicts

At this time of year, many students in New Hampshire are anxiously awaiting the close of the school year. For them, summer is often a time of relaxation and a reduced amount of stress without homework and tests. However, for divorced parents who share custody of their children, summer can be an added stress as they ensure that their parenting plan is upheld. Some family law professionals recommend several actions that could help smooth the transition from the school year to summer vacation in regards to visitation and child custody.

Madonna and ex-husband fight over custody of son

New Hampshire parents may go into the divorce process hoping to find a workable parenting plan that everyone can agree on. While that is always the goal, it unfortunately is not always how things work out. In some situations, parents may not agree on what is in the best interest of the child. In other circumstances, the child may be old enough to have some say in where he or she lives as well. These are all issues that need to be taken into consider when a parenting plan is put together.