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Incompetent man can only seek divorce with wife's permission

When most people in New Hampshire marry, they do so with the intention of remaining in the marriage for the rest of their lives. However, as people change, they often find that they are no longer compatible and choose to end their marriages. The question of whether a man in another state can divorce is complicated by the fact that he has been declared incompetent and his wife named his guardian.

A divorce later in life raises retirement concerns

Marriage is not easy. Even couples in New Hampshire who have lived together for decades often come to a point where they decide to go separate ways. While the decision of a person over the age of 50 to seek a divorce may be in his or her best interests, it could complicate their retirement plans.

Annulling a divorce may not be an option for New Hampshire couples

Divorce is a decision that couples rarely make lightly, but once everything is said and done the divorce is finalized couples may reevaluate their choice. If a couple later decide to reconcile and legally reinstate their marriage, the courts of some states will allow the couple to annul their divorce. However, that was not the case for a New Hampshire couple.

Adapting to holidays after divorce

Your divorce has been finalized. Things are going well. You and your former spouse were even able to create a thorough co-parenting plan through amicable discussion. Everything seems like it's going to be just fine. But, suddenly, the holidays arrive and frustrations begin to simmer right alongside the cider.

Family law attorneys see increase in prenups

The decision to walk down the aisle is one that must be taken seriously. In reality, couples in New Hampshire must consider that regardless of how they feel at the time of their wedding, their feelings can change over time as they age and go through a variety of life experiences. In fact, a survey of family law professionals indicates that many people -- especially so-called millennials -- are seeking to safeguard themselves financially in the event of a divorce.

A prenup can ease the conflict of a divorce

When a couple in New Hampshire decides to marry, there are thousands of decisions that must be made. While many relate to their wedding ceremony, they must also determine where they will live and how certain bills and debts will be paid. In many instances, a prenuptial agreement can help map out their future. Despite some people who believe that the creation of a prenup is planning for divorce, there are many benefits to such an agreement.

Court decides fate of embryos in divorce conflict

When couples in New Hampshire choose to end their marriage, they must decide how to divide their assets as well as how to co-parent if there are children involved. Thanks to advances in medical technology, many couples seeking a divorce are also left wondering how to handle their frozen embryos. One court in another state has recently ruled in a case that could ultimately influence future decisions in other states.

Divorce decisions: What happens to the family home?

The decision to end a marriage is often a difficult one to make. Once made, however, couples in New Hampshire have to make similarly difficult decisions regarding the division of assets and child custody if there are children involved. Many couples who decide to divorce are left grappling with the fate of the family home. Because there are many memories attached to the home, couples are forced to put aside their emotional connections.

Wife of Vanilla Ice seeks divorce

As couples in New Hampshire can likely attest, relationships are hard work. However, many celebrities find it especially challenging to maintain a successful relationship because they face additional stress due to hectic work schedules and media attention. Although Robert Van Winkle -- more commonly known by his stage name Vanilla Ice -- and his wife were married significantly longer than many celebrity couples, his wife recently filed for divorce.

Minimizing the impact of divorce on a family business

Many couples in New Hampshire have shared professional goals. In some cases, these goals include opening a family business together. As approximately 40 percent of couples married for the first time will ultimately seek a divorce and the vast majority of businesses in the United States are considered small businesses, many couples seeking to untangle their personal relationships must also manage their business relationships. Despite the complexities of doing so, there are ways to protect the family business during the end of a marriage.