Simplifying divorce in New Hampshire

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When a couple walks down the aisle, they likely do so with the conviction that they will spend the rest of their lives together. However, as time passes, people who were once perfect for each other find that they are no longer compatible. While a divorce can be a difficult and lengthy process, couples in New Hampshire who are willing to work together cooperatively can often reduce the length of the process as well as some of the expense often associated with the end of a marriage.

Once the decision to divorce is made, couples must start thinking about how assets will be divided. Generally, any assets obtained during the marriage are considered marital property. Having copies of documents related to tax returns, loan applications, credit card statements and banking information, among others, can help provide an overview of the couple’s financial situation.

Additionally, taking inventory of all material assets can ultimately help during the division of assets, including taking pictures of paintings, motor vehicles, and others. Even if there is something that one of the spouse’s has no interest in, it could be used to negotiate. Also, if one spouse helped the other out with tuition for medical or law school, for example, he or she may be entitled to compensation.

Divorce is typically portrayed as a bitter and contentious process. And while it can be emotionally difficult, a couple who is committed to being open and honest during the process can ultimately ease through it, potentially making it easier to co-parent in the future if there are children involved. Having an attorney who can prepare and examine any documents related to the end of a marriage can help ensure that those seeking to end their marriage in New Hampshire are fully aware of that to which they are agreeing.

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