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March 2018 Archives

Protecting your custody rights, even after your divorce is final

As a parent, there is nothing more important than preserving and protecting your rightful time with your child. That does not change once your divorce is final. In fact, it may become even more important for you to find ways to protect your rights as a parent even after your custody and visitation order has become final.

Family law: Court asked to weigh in on extracurriculars

Parents in New Hampshire are often forced to make decisions about their children's welfare even though they have conflicting ideas regarding what is in their best interests. Coming to decisions in such a scenario can be difficult enough for parents who are still romantically involved, but can be nearly impossible for couples who are not. In fact, parents in another state have asked a family law judge to weigh in on whether their teenage son should continue to play football.

Family law: Stepparent adoption in New Hampshire

The concept of a traditional family has been significantly redefined over the course of the last several decades. Now, many children in New Hampshire are being raised by parents with no biological relationship, sometimes creating complicated legal situations regarding family law. In fact, many stepparents are often full-time care providers and often want to legally protect their rights to parent their children. Clark Law PLLC is committed to helping stepparents through the adoption process.

Taking time in a New Hampshire divorce

When a couple comes to the difficult decision to end their marriage, they are often only starting what could be a lengthy process. The instinct for many couples in New Hampshire is to end the divorce process as quickly as possible regardless of the consequences. However, this may not be the best financial option.