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Child Custody

Issues regarding co-parenting plans

An effective co-parenting plan works in the best interests of the child. After a divorce, New Hampshire parents will likely live at separate residences. Now, the two parents must work together to raise the child while living apart. Understanding what a co-parenting...

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FAQs about child custody mediation

New Hampshire parents whose marriages end in divorce have multiple options. While you can certainly go through a nasty custody battle with your ex, that’s not the best-case scenario. If you’ve been wondering about the process of child custody mediation, you’ve...

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Planning a summer co-parenting schedule

As we approach summer in New Hampshire, it's time to start planning for the summer months. If you're in a co-parenting relationship with school-aged children, it's extra important to make sure your summer plans are set in stone. During the months that school is in...

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