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November 2017 Archives

Claims of extremism at heart of child custody case

When it comes to religion, even happily married couples often struggle to agree on how to raise their children. Even those who practice the same basic religion can sometimes have conflict over certain aspects of how they practice their faith. This conflict is often compounded for parents in New Hampshire who are no longer in a romantic relationship. Typically, courts do not make child custody decisions based on religious disputes between the parents.

Preserving family harmony with collaborative law

For many people who seek a divorce in New Hampshire, the end of their marriage does not signify the end of the relationship. Couples who have children together will have to continue to co-parent together as they work toward making decisions that are in the best interests of their children. Because a traditional divorce can sometimes generate a great deal of conflict, creating feelings that could ultimately impact parents' abilities to work together in the best interests of their children, many are turning to alternative forms of dispute resolution, including collaborative law.

Using a QDRO to split pension plans during divorce

With the advent of social media sites such as Pinterest, it seems that many people in New Hampshire and other areas of the country have an increased interest in completing certain tasks themselves, as opposed to hiring a professional who could do it on their behalf. The goal behind doing it themselves may be to save money. However, many have found that failing to consult a professional regarding certain aspects of a divorce could ultimately lead to more expenses.

Using a prenuptial agreement to ease a divorce

Most people in New Hampshire are familiar with the idea of a prenuptial agreement. However, even though such a legal document has a variety of important uses, it has many different negative connotations. Unfortunately, this view may deter some people from creating what could be a tool that is useful in circumstances beyond a divorce.

Your name may be on the birth certificate, but that's not enough

Like many other couples in New Hampshire, you and your partner may share a child even though you are not married. When your child was born, you put his or her name on the birth certificate, so you believed that you had all the rights and responsibilities that go along with being a father. You did not know at the time that this was not sufficient to establish you as the legal father of your child, but at the time, the only thing that mattered was caring for your child.

Audrina Patridge divorce proceedings appear contentious

Relationships are often hard work. Even couples in New Hampshire who feel passionately about one another can end up struggling when they live together. For example, reality star Audrina Patridge and her husband, Corey Bohan, are now seeking a divorce after less than a year of marriage.