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April 2018 Archives

Creating a parenting plan

If you have recently learned that your spouse intends to file for divorce – or if you have made this decision yourself – you may feel as if the world is swirling around you. Whether the divorce is a dark cloud looming over you or a new chance for freedom, you can't escape the fact that you are about to face some major changes in your life.

Fighting back against your spouse's attempt to hide assets

Divorce is complex for many reasons, but finances are often the center of many disputes and conflicts between two divorcing parties. Particularly in high asset New Hampshire divorces, there are additional complicating factors that can make property division and other issues more complex.

Is it possible to adopt my spouse's children?

New Hampshire families come in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes, families grow through adoption. If you marry a person who already has children, you may wonder if it is possible to adopt his or her kids. Stepparent adoption can sometimes be complex, but it is possible for you to accomplish this goal with help and guidance.