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Month: July 2020

How social media can affect your divorce

During your divorce, you may feel tempted to share details about it on social media. You might consider taking to Facebook to post your thoughts about your marriage’s end. Or, you may want to share a photo on Instagram that references your split. Yet, you will want to...

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Pandemic and Divorce: Part II

In our previous post, we began a discussion about the connection between Covid-19 quarantining and a predicted rise in divorce rates associated with it. Many sociologists and family law attorneys believe (and have started to see) that more unhappy couples are seeking...

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Pandemic and Divorce: Part I

The Covid-19 pandemic has been more than a little stressful for the entire country (and most of the world, for that matter). It caused us all to spend weeks or months indoors, to avoid seeing others or spending time out of the house, and to live in persistent fear of...

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