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September 2016 Archives

Appellate ruling settles high asset divorce fight

When a person in New Hampshire makes the decision to end a marriage, there are multiple other decisions that must follow. This may especially be true in the case of a high asset divorce. Many couples are able to put aside their differences and, with the help of their attorneys, come to a divorce agreement with relative ease. Other cases can last for years. An appellate court in another state has recently ruled on a request that the original settlement be thrown out; the dispute has lasted over a decade.

Learning to co-parent following New Hampshire divorce

Couples in New Hampshire often agonize over the future of their relationship. Many married couples with children ultimately make the decision to remain together under the assumption that a divorce would have negative consequences on their children, despite the fact that they are miserable together. However, couples who are willing to come together and co-parent, committed to making decisions that are in the best interest of their children, are often able to make the transition following the end of a marriage a smooth process for children.

Domestic violence considerations in New Hampshire

Every family in New Hampshire is unique with varying circumstances that can impact their overall ability to function. In some cases, disagreements can erupt, sometimes resulting in accusations of domestic violence. As a result, both the victim and alleged perpetrator may require legal advice in order to ensure an appropriate legal response.

High asset divorce: Isaiah Silva requests spousal support

When people in New Hampshire marry, they must often define their roles within the relationship. In some cases, a person might decide to put his or her career on hold. However, if the marriage ends in divorce, couples must then decide how to separate their lives. If a person has given up a career, he or she might be at a financial disadvantage. In a high asset divorce playing out publicly, Isaiah Silva, the estranged husband of France Cobain, daughter of Kurt Cobain, claims that he did just that.

Divorce can lead to financial mistakes

Almost all families in New Hampshire experience difficult patches. While some eventually overcome such problems, others decide that it is in the best interest of all involved to seek a divorce. Regardless of both sides' willingness to seek an amicable split, the process can still be painful, prompting some people to rush through the process. Unfortunately, rushing through could have a significant impact on a person's overall financial situation.