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Month: June 2022

Co-parenting with a narcissist

A co-parenting plan could establish rules and order for child care and custody. Former couples may no longer get along after receiving a final divorce decree in New Hampshire, but they might still need to interact because of their children. Troubles and conflicts...

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How are annulment and divorce different?

If you are a New Hampshire resident who wants to end your marriage, you have two options to consider: divorce or annulment. While both options technically end the marriage, they do so under different circumstances and are available for different situations. Divorce...

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How “uncontested” divorces are different

In New Hampshire, couples have the option of attempting an uncontested divorce rather than a standard divorce. The differences matter, even though an uncontested divorce can still benefit from a lawyer to complete the process. What makes an uncontested divorce? There...

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